The Empty Cradle

by W.G. Davis

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There are few things in life more shocking than a parent killing their child. Numerous reasons have been offered by adults who have carried out such a heinous act, ranging from mindless acts of violence to serious mentally debilitating conditions. What is perhaps the most shocking and disturbing aspect of the following cases are the ones where a parent murders infant children and even babies.
It is surprising just how common ‘filicide’ – the deliberate act of killing a son or daughter – actually is.
Regrettably, the following truly disturbing cases are not exhaustive and may not even contain the worst cases of filicide, which might escape unreported in the more isolated areas of our country. But these are cases of parents murdering their own flesh and blood that can be deemed utterly, earth-shatteringly shocking. Reader discretion is advised.


















The Empty Cradle W.G. Davis











WG Davis


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